News items that have happened in our Lodge.

The Brethren of St Columba, Govan No 729 met on Tuesday 10th May 2016 and celebrated 130 years to the day since our Charter was granted from the Grand lodge of Scotland.

We were treated to an excellent Exemplification of the Master Mason Degree by The Edinburgh Defensive Band Lodge No 151. A large and distinguished deputation was received from our very good friends in the East led by their RWM Bro. Douglas ( Dougie ) Sneddon who was resplendent in the Uniform and Muscat of the period when the lodge was founded.

The Degree was very different from that carried out by ourselves and was very well received by our members and visitors, some of whom took a small part.

89 Brethren signed the attendance book including our Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Bro. James Campbell Peddie and his deputation Bro. Alan Raeburn and Bro. George Kennedy. There were 13 Reigning Masters and Brethren including Bro. Larry Persinger PM 582 USA and Bro. Jamie Little PM 823 CANADA . The American visitor was given explanation of the Defensive Bands involvement in the American War of Independence ( 1755 – 1783 ) by RWM Dougie Sneddon  on how the lodge was formed in 1782 to defend Edinburgh against marauding pirates, acting for the American Navy, many of whom were held prisoner in the Castle.

Bro. Persinger certainly looks at home holding the Muscat in the photograph with RWM Dougie. It was extremely warm in the Temple and Bro Sneddon “ soldiered on” despite the fact he must have been melting in his tunic.

Thanks must go to RWM Bro. Dougie Sneddon and his members, stand in Candidate, Bro Graham Lawrie, Chaplin 729, RWPGM Bro James Campbell Peddie and his deputation, the visiting RWMs and Brethren, and lastly but not least, our Stewards  and Office Bearers for a great evening helping us celebrate our 130th Anniversary.

Around 70 Brethren stayed for the Harmony and entertainement was also provided by Bro Graham Lawrie on Accordian.

RWPGM Bro Peddie assisted RWM Tom Robertson in cutting our Cake. 

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Tue, 27th September 2016


On Tuesday 27th September 2016 the Brethren of St Columba, Govan, No 729 had the pleasure of a deputation from Lodge Inchinnan No 1405 to confer an exemplification of the Entered Apprentice Degree.

This was another very special evening in the tenure of St Columba’s Master Bro. Tom Robertson as  Lodge Inchinnan are  one of his adoptive Lodges, the other being Lodge The Royal Stuart No 1414.

RWM Bro. Craford Nimmo led a very large deputation which included a special guest Bro. Ron Hudson.

Bro Hudson is an American Citizen, and a member of Lodge Orange Pak No 267 F&AM Grand Lodge of Florida, ( that went down well in the shaddow of Ibrox Park ). Ron is working in Scotland for a short period and had approached the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire East via their Website and had subsequently been introduced to Lodges within the Provence.

The evening was made even more special when Bro. Hudson was invited and agreed to be the candidate for the evening.

Bro. Ron Hudson received an excellent degree at the hands of IPM Bob Kerr and the degree team of Lodge Inchinnan No 1405. The reply on behalf of several visitors, including RWM Bro. Drew Caldwell Lodge Govandale at Govan No 437, was given by RWM John Hunter, The Lodge of Erskine 1566.

The evening ended in superb harmony at which Bro. Ron was presented with small gift from both Lodges to remind him of his evening with his Scottish Brethren.

Bro Ron then replied thanking both Lodges and the Brethren for having the Degree conferred upon him, for the very warm welcome he received and for the gifts which he said he would treasure. He said he would be on the phone the next day to tell his Father all about the occasion, casually mentioning that his Dad was The Provincial Grand Master of Florida.

Can I also take this opportunity to thank Bro. Greg Stewart, Lodge Eastmuir No 1126 for adding another Scottish touch by piping in the deputation. Greg has supported Lodge St Columba, Govan No 729 on numerous occasions now and his labours are most appreciated.

Once again thank you to all the Office Bearers and Brethren of 729 for supporting the Lodge, especially PM Ralph Marshal and his Stewards for a lovely meal.

Haste ye all back very soon.


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Mon, 1st August 2016

5th Tuesday Club ( Travelling Maul )

A special meeting hosted by Lodge Gleniffer No. 1219 on Tuesday, 30th August, attracted more than seventy Brethren from within and outwith the Province.

The occasion was the arrival of the Travelling Maul – a recently formed “Tuesday Club” held only on the 5th Tuesday of a month allowing lodges that hold regular meetings on that day of the week to get together.

The RWM of Lodge Gleniffer, Bro. Archie Henderson welcomed SPGM Bro. Willie Fleming and a Deputation headed by RWM of Lodge St Columba Govan No 729, Bro. Tom Robertson, accompanied by the RWM of Lodge St John (Kilwinning) Largs No.173, Bro. Les Pearson, both “Tuesday Club” lodges. A further eight RWMs attended the meeting.

A FC Degree was then conferred on Lodge Gleniffer’s latest EA, Bro. Alexander Forbes, by the degree team of Lodge St Columba Govan with the Obligation given by RWM Bro. Tom Robertson.

The harmony that followed included a superb buffet supplied by the Brethren of Lodge.

SPGM, Bro. Willie Fleming, representing PGM Bro. John S. Miller, congratulated Lodge Gleniffer for hosting the meeting adding that PGLRE was very keen to promote this sort of event.

The history of the Travelling Maul itself was later explained by RWM Bro. Archie Henderson who found it lying among rubbish at Glasgow’s Shieldhall Recycling Centre where he works.

He said: “There was no indication of where it had come from or who had put it there, but I saw it was a very heavy and solid piece of wood and realised its possibilities so I took it home and cleaned and polished it.

“It is ideal as the Travelling Maul and at every lodge it visits a Mark Penny is inserted to the base as a permanent record. We are hoping that more and more lodges that meet on Tuesdays will join in future.”

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Mon, 25th July 2016


It is with the deepest regret that I have to announce that PM Duncan Robertson passed away on Saturday 23rd July.

Duncan's funeral will take place this Friday 29th July with a service at 10:45 am in St James's Pollock Parish Church, Meiklerig Crescent, G53 5NA and thereafter to Craigton Crematorium ( entrance off Paisley Road only ) at approx 11:30 am.

Please pass this sad news to anyone you think may have known Duncan.

Our thoughts and prayers go to Duncan's widow Jean and her Family.

Tom Robertson


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Sun, 10th July 2016


The Funeral of Bro John ( Jackie ) Gray took place on Thursday 7th July at Craigton Crematorium.

On behalf of the Lodge I would thank the 11 Brethren who attended, especially at such short notice and during a working day and a holiday period. Many more Brethren sent an apology.

On arrival at the Crematorium the Brethren of the Lodge Members were asked by Jackie's Family if they would be Paul Bearers. The eight who did so were very honoured, something I am sure Jackie would have approved of.

The service was conducted by Bro. Rev'd Brian Casey of Springburn Parish Church.

It is my intention to mark this sad event at our first regular meeting on September 15th.

Tom Robertson. RWM.

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Tue, 5th July 2016


It is with great sadness that I report the death of one of our Members. 

BRO. JOHN THOMAS PEARSON GRAY,  Born 13 DECEMBER 1947 - Died 28 JUNE 2016 ( also known as Jackie ) was recently diagnosed with Terminal Cancer when a Tumour was discovered in his head and was informed he might only have a year to live. Arrangements were being made to equip his home but unfortunately Jackie passed away on June 28th at QE Hospital,

Jackie only joined St Columba, Govan No 729 on 23rd September 2015, receiving his Mark on 12th April this year. He was very well received by all members of our Lodge and his musical talents were greatly appreciated when he entertained us at our Harmonies with his singing and Guitar playing. Jackie was a very keen member and enjoyed his new found involvement in the Craft. He was a very quiet, likeable Brother and I regret, as I am sure do the members of 729, not being able to get to know him better. 

Our condolences go to his Family and friends.

On behalf of John’s Family I would like to inform you his Funeral will be held this THURSDAY, 7th JULY, in CRAIGTON CREMATORIUM, at 14:30 pm. 

Yours Fraternally,

Tom Robertson

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Tue, 26th January 2016


It is with deep regret that we have to announce the death of Past Master Bro. John Weir.

John was initiated on 12th January 1965, Passed on 23rd March 1965, Raised on 25th May 1965 and received his Mark on 25th January 1966. and was Right Worshipful Master in 1972/73, continuing for many years after as Lodge Treasurer.

Our deepest sympathy to John's wife and Family.

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Sat, 12th December 2015


Results of the 2015 Angling Competitions

Champion Lodge and winner of the St Columba Govan Shield.    Lodge Alexandra No 1282

Runners up and winner of the Neptune Shield. St Columba Govan No 729

Individual Champion and winner of Autumn Cup.    Bro Jim Morrison Lodge Alexandra No 1282

Individual runner up and winner of Silver Cigarette Box.   Bro Ian McNaught Lodge Alexandra No 1282

Heaviest Trout and winner of the Alexandra Cup. Bro Frank McCafferty MBE Lodge St Columba Govan No 729

Carron Valley Pairs and winner of Claret Jug. Bro Jim Morrison and Bro Scott Henderson Lodge Alexandra No 1282

Visitors prize.    Mr Lesley Shaw


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Tue, 8th December 2015

New News Item


The Members of the Lodge met for a short business meeting which was followed by a superb Ladies night. The Brethren were accompanied by their family and friends and enjoyed an excellent Disco Dance and entertainment from one of our newest members, Bro. Jack Gray who accompanied himself on Guitar. A new talent discovered. I am looking forward to more of the same at some of our Harmonies. 

Each of the Ladies received a small gift from the Lodge and were thanked by the RWM not only for their attendance but for their supoport to the Brethren throughout the year.

Can I give a very big thank you to all the Ladies who supplied the Buffet and to Bro. Jim Carson for all his hard work in purchasing the gifts, gathering the prizes, and organising the Raffle and to all the Brethren for their contributions.

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Fri, 27th November 2015

Annual Installation of Office Bearers for 2015/16

The Brethren of St Columba, Govan No 729 held our Annual Installation of Office bearers.

On the evening we were joine by over 90 guests including members of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow, Headed on that occasion by Substitute Provincial Grand Master Bro. Gordon Heggie and joing his deputation was The Provincial Grand Master of Renfrewshire East bro John. Samual Miller and Past Provincial Grand Master of Renfrewshire East Bro. Frank Johnstone.

The Brethren and guests joind in harmony after the meeting. Thank you to all who worked very hard to make the evening such a success.

Tom Robertson. RWM

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Sat, 17th January 2015

First Meeting after Christmas Holidays.

Our First meeting after the Christmas and New Year Holidays will be held on Tuesday 13th January 2015, and will be an Entered Apprentice Degree carried out by our Degree Team on our newest Entrant.

The Lodge will Tyle at 19:30pm but would all Office Bearers please note we will have an Enquiry Meeting at 19:00pm for our latest Applicant. His Proposer and Seconder have been notified. 

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Tue, 23rd December 2014

Reglar meeting cancelled.

The Rergular Meeting on Tuesday 23 December 2014 will, by agreement with PGLGW, be cancelled due to its proximity to Christmas.

On behalf of our Right Worshipful Master, his Worshipful Wardens, Past Masters, Office Bearers and Brethren, may I wish you and your Family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healty New Year. Haste Ye Back. 

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Tue, 9th December 2014


The Brethren of Lodge St Columba, Govan No 729 met for a Regular Meeting ( Business only no Degree ) at 19:30pm on Tuesday 9th December 2014 and at the close of the meeting held our Annual Ladies Night.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Lodge on that evening, to our Ladies for joining us and for having provided us with lovely food, to our Senior and Junior Deacon for all their hard work in organising the Raffle, to all the Brethren who provided Raffle Prizes and to our RWM for his Hospitality including lovely gifts to our Ladies. 

A great night was had by all.

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Wed, 26th November 2014


A deputation from the Brethren of Lodge Friendship No 1712, led on this occasion by their newly elected Right Worshipful Master, Brother Dale Hall, visited us tonight for the purpose of conferring the Mark Degree. 

Brother William Gordon Hedley McVicker and Brother Alexander MacLauchlan were advanced to the rank of a Mark Master Mason. It was an excellent degree carried out by the Office Bearers of 1712 led by the conferring Mark Master Mason, Brother John McLean PM. 

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Thu, 30th October 2014


Champions - Lodge St Columba, Govan No 729

Runners Up - Lodge Alexandra No 1282

Individual Champion - Bro. Gordon Chapman, Lodge St Columba, Govan No 729

Individual Runner Up - Bro. Hayes, Alexandra No 1282

Carron Valley Championship - Lodge Alexandra No 1282 

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Wed, 24th September 2014



The Right Worshipful Master, Bro John F. Haining, led a deputation to Lodge Philanthropic No 304 EC for the purpose of presenting a 50 Year Certificate to one of our Life Members, Bro. Robert Lyons Marshall who had affiliated, many years ago, to that Lodge. The deputation was joined by Bro. Robert's sibling, Bro. John Marshall who is also a life member of our Lodge. Worshipful Master Bro Tettley invited each member of the deputation to join him in the East..

The Lodge was recessed to allow many of Roberts friends and family to witness the presentation of Certificates, by our RWM, on behalf of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, together with a Certificate from the Provance of West Yorkshire, presented by Assistant Provincial Grand Master Bro Anthony W. Llewellyn.  Bro Llewellyn also Presented Bro. Robert with a Certificate from the West Riding Charitable Association in recognition of his outstanding contributions to that Association. Bro Robert truly displays the lesson he learned in his first entrance into his Mother Lodge those 50 Years agol.

It was remarkable to discover that Bro. Robert was one of 5 candidates who were entered on 22nd September 1964. On that evening our RWM was also entered, and in fact was passed, raised and advanced on the same dates as Bro. Robert.

We did not disclose this information to either Bro. Robert or our RWM until we were about to enter the Lodge, However our RWM displayed his considerable skill in public speaking by thinking on his feet and entertaining the assembly with some very humorous jokes and stories, one even relating to his time serving with The Glasgow Police, when he had occasion to visit Bro. Robert's Electrical Contractors Business, in Govan,  as a result of a fire. ( Our RWM's investigations subsequently proved the fire was due to the work of Vandals and NOT electrical ). The look on Bro. Roberts face when the story was told was just priceless. 

We were on this occasion accompanied by our Wives and the evening culminated in joining the Lodge members in their Festive Board where we were most generously wined and dined, courtesy of Bro. Robert, WM Bro.Tetley and the Brethren of 304. All in all a SUPERB visitation, a huge thank you to everyone Lodge Philanthropic 304 for making us most welcome.

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Tue, 16th September 2014



On Tuesday 23rd September 2014 the Provincial Grand Master headed a Deputation to our Lodge.

Brother Henderson presented a Jubilee Certificate to our Right Worshipful Master, Brother John Forsyth Haining.

Brother Haining was initiated on 22nd September 1964. Whilst Senior Warden and continuing on as RWM he has devoted much of his time to visiting many Sister Lodges from within and outwith the Provence of Glasgow and such has his success in spreading the good name of the Lodge, that there was a wonderful attendance on this evening, indeed attendences generally have improved greatly and the Lodge now stands in a very good and healthy place,

After the presentation, Lodge Possilpark No 1330 carried out a superb Mark Ceremony and advanced Brother Richard Haining, the son of the Master, to this Rank. 

 Thanks to PGLGW for picture and article.

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Wed, 16th October 2013


009 (1).JPG

Champion Lodge and winner of the St Columba Govan Shield                           Lodge St Columba Govan 729

Runners up and winners of the Neptune Shield                                                Lodge Plantation 581

Individual Champion and winner of the Autumn Cup                                          Bro Gordon Chapman Lodge St Columba Govan No729

Individual Runner up and winner of Silver Cigarette Box                                  Bro David Kennedy Lodge Neptune No 419

Heaviest Trout and winner of the Alexandria Cup                                            Bro Alan Raeburn Lodge Plantation No 581

Visitors prize and winner of Bronze fisherman                                                 Bro Billy Boe Lodge Dalry Blair No. 290

Full results of individual outings can be viewed on PGLGW Web Site. Use Link on our Links Page. 

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Tue, 16th October 2012


Angling results 2012

Champion Lodge and winner of the St Columba Govan Shield        Lodge Commercial No 360

Runners up and winners of the David Kennedy Shield Lodge          Lodge St Columba Govan No 729

Individual Champion and winner of the Autumn Cup                      Bro Derek Chapman, Lodge St Columba Govan No 729

Individual runners up and winner of the Silver Cigarette Box       Bro Gordon McGill, Lodge Commercial No 360

Heaviest Trout & winner of the Alexandra Cup                             Bro David Kennedy, Lodge Neptune No 419

 Visitors Prize and winner of Bronze Fisherman                            Bro Billy Boe, Lodge Dalry Blair No 290

Full results of individual outings can be viewed on PGLGW Web Site. Use on our Links Page.

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Sun, 16th October 2011



Champion Lodge and winner of the St Columba Govan Shield              Lodge St Columba Govan No 729

Runner up Lodge and winner of the Thomas Morton Shield                  Lodge Commercial 360

Individual winner and winner of the Autumn Cup                                 Bro Derek Chapman of Lodge St Columba Govan No 729

Runner up and winner of the Silver Cigarette box                                 Bro Gordon McGill of Lodge Commercial 360

Visitors Prize                                                                                        Bro William Boe of Lodge Dalry Blair No 270

Heaviest Trout and winner of Alexandra Cup                                        Bro Frank McCafferty of Lodge St Columba Govan No 729.

Full results of individual outings can be viewed on PGLGW Web Site. Use link on our Links page

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Sat, 16th October 2010


Champion Lodge          Lodge St Columba Govan No 729.
Runners up                   Lodge Alexandra No 1282.
Individual Champion and winner of Aurumn Cup             Bro. Ian Hillcoat, Lodge St Columba Govan No 729.
Individual runner up and winner of Silver Cigaret Box  Bro. Hugh McAlpine, Lodge Neptune No 419.
Heaviest Trout and winner of Alexandra Cup               Bro. Gordon Chapman, Lodge St Columbaq, Govan No 729.
Visitors prize and  winner of the Bronze Fisherman    Bro. William Boe, Lodge Dalry Blair No 209 ( Ayrshire )
Full results of individual outings can be viewed on PGLGW Web Site. Use link on our Links Page.
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Fri, 16th October 2009


PGLG Champion Lodge          Lodge St Columba Govan No 729.
PGLG Runners up                   Lodge Alexandra No 1282.
PGLG Individual Champion     Bro Derek Chapman  Lodge St Columba Govan No 729.
PGLG Heaviest Trout              Bro Jim Morrison Lodge Alexandra No 1282.
PGLG Visitors Prize 
Joint First place
Mr Ivan Jensen guest of Lodge Neptune No 419. 
Mr Glen Hodgkinson guest of Lodge St Columba Govan No 729.

Full results of individual outings can be viewed on PGLGW Web Site. Use link on our Links Page.